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Three Years of Press, but no longer visible online

I am disappointed to note that the Honolulu Star Bulletin,  Honolulu Advertiser, and Honolulu Star Advertiser archives are no longer publicly available.  This, sadly, means that most of the review links I’ve posted on this page over the years are no longer visible, which is a crying shame, because we’ve been delightfully well reviewed (especially our 2009 inaugural season shows!).  I’ve been on the internet, trying to find some remnants of our press history, and all I came up with was this:


Honolulu Weekly

2010 Photo Gallery (the personal gallery of our photographer)


Star Advertiser Review

Beware!  Even these may be gone at any moment.  If you need them for your portfolio, by all means, print them out now.  Incidentally, I find myself increasingly more grateful for the “audience comments” page on this site, in part because “Dann” posted John Berger’s 2009 Star Bulletin review.  Granted, I’m still not entirely sure it’s legal to have that up here 0_o.  Anyhow, happy summer everyone- E.G.D.


A Crazy Year

Well, I can’t say this year went off without a hitch, but by all accounts it was a good, entertaining show.  Many thanks to the wonderful people who made it happen, and that includes the people who came to watch.  Here’s looking forward to a less chaotic fourth season, and another spectacular selection of wonderful new works.  Mahalo- EGD