By E.G.D.

We had a great 2009 show, and the program says it all!  For those of you who are curious, here’s a copy:

2010 was equally glorious, but the program was composed in a less digital fashion.  In lieu of this, here is our last-year’s inner program text:

Voicemail by Ross Favors

Director: Jenn Thomas

Alex: Chris Slagle

Celia’s Voicemail Recording: Jenn Thomas

The Inner-View

by Choreographers Kelly Wadlegger and Karuna Richard
Dancers: Kelly Wadlegger and Karuna Richard

Music: Anonymous Tango Music

It’s All Relative by Siobhán Ní Dhonacha

Director: Lindsay Timmington McGahan

Actors:  Jillian Blakkan-Strauss, Erin Chung, Chris McGahan,

Dan D. Randerson

Linger by Choreographer Becky McGarvey

Dancer: Becky McGarvey

Music: “Linger” by The Cranberries


The Story of a Fly by Richard C. Goodman

Director: Elisa Diehl

Oku-san: Jackie Okimoto

Kyubei: Daniel Sakimura

Tama: Siiri Vistos

Music: “Edo-Matsuri” from Japan from Kyoto to Tokyo and

“Sichiyono Matsuri” by Shintaro Aoki

JARP by Choreographer Phoebe Hwang
Movement Inspiration: Andy Hwang, Becky McGarvey, Jason Wong

Dancers: Andy Hwang, Becky McGarvey, Jason Wong, Phoebe Hwang
Actor: Elisa Diehl
Music by Nujabes and Michael Jackson

Dungeons and Dragons by Anna Cole

Director: Deborah Barsel

Voiceover Recording: Deborah Barsel

David: Tempest Hayes
Stefan: Raymond Rivera

Music: “This is not a Game” performed by Buck 250

Caravan by Choreographer Spencer Garrod and Dancers

Dancers:  Naomi Brown, Christina Comfort, Lindsay Kosasa, Becky

Mcgarvey, Jackie Okimoto

Music by DJ Shadow

One Percent by Sean M Yannell

Director: Chris McGahan

Ron- RJ Agsalud
Sarah- Lindsay Timmington McGahan
Joe- Lester Nino

Thank you for supporting us in our second season!

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